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 When we teach writing we need to consider points like , Rhetorical situation (audience, purpose, topic),Context,Text type,Author,Reader,Sources,Tell knowledge,Transform knowledge,Stages: planninig, texting, proofreading, editing , just like when we are developing the other skills these are very important points . Sometimes teach this skill could be very mechanic specially when we teach , tense structures , and verbal times but we need to be aware about all the techniques that we can use to change this I mean , this process could be very attractive if we use the proper techniques like games for example which are very attractive for every type of students .

 Here you have a link to consider for teaching writing http://languageartsgames.4you4free.com/the_writing_process.html

Other important point just like in the other skills , we need to consider attractive themes to practice writing for example , if we want to teach how to write an essay we must choose attractive themes to develop so in that way our student could be more engage with the exercise and the content .

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