lunes, 9 de abril de 2012

Hands on activity siop lesson plan template

as a personal reflexion of this activity , i have to say that, my mistake or our mistake as a group was that we tried to do  many thing so many activities for just one class , but this presentation was very useful to understand that we have to be more realistic about how we applied the content .

lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

Classmate's presentations summary

 The oral approach and situational  language teaching
-          The learner has to listen and repeat
-          The teacher has the control of the content
-          Language learning is habit-formation
-          It’s useful for beginners
-          Put emphasis in grammar and pronunciation 
-          Communication
-          Contextualization ( social-culture)
-          Learner-centered and experience based
-          Meaning is paramount
-          Group work, pair interaction students

Audio-lingual teaching ( keyla – carito)
-          Foreign language
-           Pattern grammar
-          Drills- mechanical exercises
-          Structural
            Phonetic, syntax, morphology 

-          Speech- action
-          Positive mood
-          Teacher plays an active and direct role
-          Student