miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2012

metacognition ( first activity)

Possible ways to foster Metacognition

- Activate the previous knowledge of ours students, uniting the content

- Telling to our students what they are going to learn ( explaining the goals

- students must to participate, on that way we are generating critical thinking

- They must know , what they know and what don’t .

- They have to know their own strengths and weaknesses

What is automaticity ?

- Is when we have the ability to have an automatic response and we can develop this concept with repetition exercises and a lot of practice of our learning .

Cognitive load

- Is an excessive use of the memory , it happens when we push to the students to memorize to many things .

Create an example of how teachers can change the amount of “extraneous cognitive load” on an assignment.

- Using more didactic activities with attractive visuals ,maybe handmade or in a power point presentation, improving the students knowledge.

When have you felt that you had a "full" cognitive load?
When I have to learn lots of concepts . I think that, when I have to do that I push my brain to memorize .


miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2012

coursebook analysis

• We agree that the objectives are in the introduction and they are also present at the beginning of each unit.
• The approach is acceptable to the target community because it deals with topics from Chile.
• The layout is average, but the print is too small and it tends to confuse the student.
• The book has a lot of pictures and it helps the students understand better.
• The topics and tasks are interesting, but they aren’t varied, they’re the same for everyone.
• The instructions are very clear, the students don’t have difficulties understanding them.
• We think the content is presented gradually, in context that students have a more systematic learning in level of difficulty.
which is very good, because they learn from the most basic, to then get to learn the hardest part.
• we think that in the next four points, meets expectations, but we think that in these, much depends on the management of the teacher, if we talk about, explanations, vocabulary, grammar, we believe that teacher's task is to see how significant those contained in the practice, with appropriate teaching methods
• when it comes to developing the four skills, do not assign the greatest credit to this book, because it only works with two of the four skills, which is very wrong because as future teachers we would like to work with material that allows us to develop our work to the top. so on that way ,our students have access to the best.
• we think that this type of text does not allow students to independent learning because it focuses more on how the teacher presents the content , and how the teacher directs it.
• in our opinion we think it makes too much guidance for the teacher. even, we cant find examples of Activities for each item presented in the book.
• yes , the book has an audio cd
• not easy to get.
in schools that depend on the municipalities have access.
But for schools that do not belong to municipalities, means a significant monetary expense,