miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2012

metacognition ( first activity)

Possible ways to foster Metacognition

- Activate the previous knowledge of ours students, uniting the content

- Telling to our students what they are going to learn ( explaining the goals

- students must to participate, on that way we are generating critical thinking

- They must know , what they know and what don’t .

- They have to know their own strengths and weaknesses

What is automaticity ?

- Is when we have the ability to have an automatic response and we can develop this concept with repetition exercises and a lot of practice of our learning .

Cognitive load

- Is an excessive use of the memory , it happens when we push to the students to memorize to many things .

Create an example of how teachers can change the amount of “extraneous cognitive load” on an assignment.

- Using more didactic activities with attractive visuals ,maybe handmade or in a power point presentation, improving the students knowledge.

When have you felt that you had a "full" cognitive load?
When I have to learn lots of concepts . I think that, when I have to do that I push my brain to memorize .


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