sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2012


 Sometimes teaching speaking is very controversial considering the “shame” point , even for us English students sometimes is complicated , so we need to be aware about the points that could interfere in this process , As every other skill we need to follow an structure to teach this one but unlike the other skills when we follow pre , while and post , this time we work with a pre communicative stage , a practice stage and a communicative interaction stage to develop the activities.

To improve this skill we can use , debates , discussions , interviews , radio programs etc. that as you can see are very attractive activities to develop in class , something that important, to break the shame point as I said before , because if we use these activities our students practice with activities that they use to practice his/her first language but using the second language so in that way they are more familiarized with is learning process and is more easy to achieve the goals .

 And the last point that I want to consider is the importance of teaching communicative skills because teaching them this subject , we can give them the necessary tools to fulfill the goals of the speaking skill.

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