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Teaching Reading

Teaching Reading Taking in count the other three skills Reading could be one of the most difficult subject to teach considering that for these days children even read in Spanish is complicated , so when we teach this one we need to consider every known strategy to fulfill the goals . First of all I think that we need to consider the type of text that we are teaching which in the best of cases must be an attractive theme, so in that way we can engage the content in an attractive or interests way for every student , we need to present attractive texts depending of the age of our students I mean is impossible to think that what could be attractive for a 4th grade student will be attractive for an 8th student so we need to be conscious about the type of students . Other point to consider is respect the order of our lesson plan , we must to apply the content step by step respecting pre, while and post activities each one of these with an specific activity to give them (students) the necessary tools to achieve goals Also we can’t forget the strategy of skimming and scanning which for teach this skill is very important because we cant provide ours student an amazing technique to achieve the most important goal which is COMPREHENSION .

 ( more about skimming and scanning)
 How to Skim:
* Read the title.
* Read the introduction or the first paragraph.
 * Read the first sentence of every other paragraph.
 * Read any headings and sub-headings.
*Notice any pictures, charts, or graphs.
* Notice any italicized or boldface words or phrases.
 * Read the summary or last paragraph.

 How to Scan:
* State the specific information you are looking for.
* Try to anticipate how the answer will appear and what clues you might use to help you locate the answer. For example, if you were looking for a certain date, you would quickly read the paragraph looking only for numbers.
 * Use headings and any other aids that will help you identify which sections might contain the information you are looking for.
* Selectively read and skip through sections of the passage.

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