miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2012

Practicum Reflection

first of all my practicum was a very good experience, for being the first time that i was in a class room , i mean as a teacher or future teacher , was an incredible experience.

I was in a public school named " Humberto Vilches" located in 11 north,liberty street. I was working with a 7 grade with 36 or 40 students .

the course in general had a low level of english but they were very  enthusiastic in his teaching proccess , they participated a lot during the classes.

i had a full support of the teacher during this proccess , i learn lots of thing of her classes , I really like her class  management, how she applied the content , i mean i didn't know nothing about teaching methods at then , so i think that i learn a lot without knowing what important thing i was learning .

also what i learn the most , and i think that was very important point , was that i learn a lot about  the school administation , because i think that we as future teacher we need a full support of the school and in this case the school   they have this principle very present in his daily  practicum .

the next images are part of my practicum exam , and i think that with this you could be understand a little bit better what i said before.

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